Cobbles Golden Days

Three of the above buttons take you to a different aspect of life on the cobbles:

From left to right:

1. Uniformed Police on the Cobbles. Why do they come here? And how often?

2. The Cobbles today. Who owns them and what can be lawfully done about it?

3. All our yesterdays. Golden Days on the Cobbles.

4. Exit to the Main Site.


Originally the building on the cobbles was a home to the horses and some of the servants of the mill owner who lived in the nearby 7 bedroomed mansion, replete with ballroom, in the 1800’s.

The Cobbles have seen much, and have been a source of disagreement between the owners of the the three cottages. Some want to make it a cobbled leisure area, and some a car-park.

Do they think of the happiness of others?

The Land Registry have recently decided to throw their weight against the car-park lobby.

For the time being the two buttons on the left are are only open to invited guests.

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